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An organization’s risks and BC/DR needs vary due to many factors, such as its structure, culture and industry. We have developed our solutions to be flexible, adaptable, and configurable.


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Infinite Blue helps organizations across industries go above and beyond preparing plans and meeting compliance mandates to achieve total enterprise resilience.

Financial services.

For years, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations have been targets of fraud and cyber attacks. Today, the threat landscape is much more complex.

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Over the past few years, retailers have faced a pandemic, lockdowns, workforce shortages, natural disasters, supply-chain issues, and slipping consumer confidence. Leaders are now asking “What’s next?” and “How can we be prepared?”

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Manufacturers today face supply shortages in everything from personnel to raw materials. In every season and part of the country, they face weather events, unstable utilities, and transportation backlogs. These challenges, which have become increasingly complex over the past few years, are showing no sign of abating.

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The healthcare industry is facing a record number of cyber threats while also contending with workforce challenges, supply chain disruptions, and strict regulatory requirements. In this environment, organizations need a proactive approach to protecting patient safety and maintaining seamless care delivery.

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Water, power, and other utilities face the most diverse and potentially severe threats: Failing infrastructure, natural disasters, workforce challenges, cyber breaches, and terrorism among them. Millions of people count on utilities 24/7 for life’s most basic necessities – making total enterprise resilience essential.


When drug makers encounter supply chain disruptions and manufacturing challenges, public, policymaker and regulatory scrutiny often follow. A poor response can undermine a company’s reputation and impact the business long after the incident is over.


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The financial win is great, but the greatest value is having one source of data housed in one platform.
We’re consolidating our tools from 9 to 1.
We better align with mission critical operations to not only withstand disruptions but to thrive afterwards in the new normal.

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