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Meet Infinite Blue.

We are a team of innovators and experts who understand first-hand the business continuity, disaster recovery (BC/DR), and crisis management challenges organizations face. We believe the best practices of yesterday are insufficient for today’s threat environment, and we are arming organizations with the next generation of intelligent, integrated, and agile solutions.

Above. And beyond.

Organizations today face increasingly frequent and severe risks. Infinite Blue’s technology and team of experts help them anticipate, collaborate, communicate, and rise above incidents.

Infinite Blue delivers.

Our difference

Why Infinite Blue?

  • Rethinking resilience.

    Organizations cannot respond effectively to a complex and evolving disruption today with a plan written last month or last year. At Infinite Blue, we believe true resilience can only be achieved with integrated live threat intelligence, real-time business data, and a plan that engages teams across the enterprise and effortlessly adapts to address the unique challenges of each incident.

  • Reimagining responses.

    Garbage in, garbage out. Inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data results in slow and suboptimal responses, greater financial impacts, and stakeholders left in the dark. We have overcome this by connecting our solutions to business systems that manage personnel, facilities, operations, contacts, and other critical functions. Information is always up-to-the-minute, and responses are on point.

  • Revolutionize everything.

    Over the past 20 years, the threat landscape has changed dramatically. Yet the way organizations respond to disruptions has not. We brought together innovators and experts to rethink every part of business continuity and disaster recovery. The result: A suite of solutions that are more agile, proactive, and dynamic than ever before.

Our approach

A revolution in resilience.


Powerful solutions.

Two industry-leading solutions, BC in the Cloud and Cenari, to suit the specific needs of your organization.


Partner by your side.

We understand your needs because we’ve been there ourselves.


Integrated and end-to-end.

We integrate every aspect of BC/DR – threat intelligence, mass notifications, and crisis management – into a single, agile platform.

By your side

Meet the Infinite Blue crew.

Many of us have spent time within corporations large and small. From risk management specialists to finance and technology directors to the most senior leaders at change-making organizations, we’re serving teams with the resources they need not just to weather a storm—but to save the day by emerging more informed and more synchronized than ever before.

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The Infinite Blue crew

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At Infinite Blue, we believe in building upon each other’s strengths and empowering one another not just to identify problems, but to solve them. We believe in the potential for greatness when teams and individuals come together to collaborate in unexpected ways. Above all, we believe in the potential for our work to truly make a difference. Join us.

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