February 12, 2024 / Webinars

When forces collide: The threats shaping 2024 and beyond

Webinar Recording

Rising geopolitical tensions, climate change, cybersecurity incidents, and supply chain disruptions are making the threat landscape for 2024 more complex than ever before. Is your organization prepared for the challenges ahead?  

View the recording with Frank Shultz, CEO and founder of Infinite Blue, and Sara Pratley, SVP of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia, for a discussion of the forces that are shaping the risk environment and how organizations can navigate a potentially volatile future.  

Additional materials: Download Infinite Blue’s 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report and AlertMedia’s 2024 Threat Outlook. 


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Introducing the speakers

Frank Shultz

Frank Shultz
CEO & Founder
Infinite Blue

Sara Pratley

Sara Pratley
Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence

Frank founded Infinite Blue in 2013 with a distinctly different vision for enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery. At a time when BC/DR was a manual process designed to meet audit requirements, Frank envisioned something automated, integrated, predictive, and, in a crisis, actionable.

Before launching Infinite Blue, Frank held senior strategy and technology positions at Strohl Systems, a business continuity vendor, and GHR Systems, a lending automation software company. He is a frequent speaker on the enterprise risk and future of emergency management and a contributor to a variety of industry publications.

Sara Pratley serves as the Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence at AlertMedia, where she oversees a team of analysts dedicated to identifying and assessing global threats and incidents. Prior to AlertMedia, she held a series of senior roles at CNN for over a decade, leading coverage on major U.S. events including natural disasters, mass shootings, and civil unrest. With a focus on global events and trend analysis, Sara applies her extensive media experience to keep audiences informed about disruptive events, leveraging her insights to anticipate and mitigate risks.

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