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What’s New in Platform 5.10.0

This section outlines the enhancements and bug fixes with the Infinite Blue Platform Version You will be able to reliably upgrade to if you are on version 5.0 or later. Here are the major changes:

1.   Zapier Integration

Infinite Blue Platform Release includes the ability to integrate with Zapier to connect Platform applications with over 2,000 other applications. This allows you to connect the platform with many applications and services to create new automations for repetitive tasks or series of tasks.

These integrations can be achieved with minimal coding, by following these instructions: Publish a Zapier Application.

2.   Just-In-Time Provisioning

Platform now includes Just-In-Time provisioning which enables automated new account creation for the users in their first login. This provisioning involves application account creation on the fly by authorizing users utilizing SAML assertions.

The user accounts are dynamically created by the first-time users themselves when they attempt to access the Platform’s SSO portal. For more information, see Just-in-Time Provisioning.

If you have a scenario where you don’t want to create & maintain an active list of all your potential system users, but would like anyone who wants system access to gain it, this feature can accomplish that for you.

3.   Custom Sidebar, Header and Footer Scripting

The custom left-hand navigation (aka sidebar, header and footer) can be shown in all the application pages (except popup pages) for improved functionality using a shared property. This shared property can be enabled by a MASTER/TENANT administrator(s) to be used by any tenants.

For more information, see Custom Sidebar & Header and footer.

4.   Enhanced Logging

The enhanced logging mechanism now currently logs in a standard pattern across the Platform along with a contextual and diagnostic metadata. This makes logs easy to comprehend for any debugging and troubleshooting, and greatly enhances how much Infinite Blue Support can assist you. This enhancement is available for both MASTER and TENANT administrator(s) to choose between various log4j specific logging levels, followed by layouts specific to format of a standard File or JSON.

The logs can also be viewed in JSON format within the UI. For more information, see Logging Preferences.

5.   Miscellaneous

a.     Third-party Library Update

As a best practice, Platform has proactively bundled its third-party libraries and dependencies to their latest versions with a periodic update to ensure improved quality and performance. Thus preventing a risk from any vulnerable or end-of-life (EOL) components. The upgrade third-party dependencies concerning the following features or areas upgrades are: JSON Processing, AWS Storage Utilities, Unicode formats, and Joda Date Time Utilities

b.    FusionCharts

Single Series Grid is no longer supported in FusionCharts v3.13.0. Forthwith in Platform, under the new Fusion chart creation, Grid style will no longer be listed.

c.     General Bug Fixes

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