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What’s New in Platform 6.1

This section outlines a summary of recent new significant features updates, enhancements, and bug fixes bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version If you are currently on version 5.0 or later, you can dependably upgrade to version 6.1 without any reluctance.

The following are the major updates:


While Platform v6.0 had enabled an effective integration for GIT, yet preceding the 6.1 release this feature is fined tuned in certain areas to churn out the best as it is now enhanced with Diff/Merge view and Commit History Installation.

The diff/merge enables the citizen developer to visually compare and merge the existing system script versus the upcoming script while installing an XML file. The differences are in fact underlined for any additions or deletions. Likewise, you can also use any XML file from the existing GIT commit history to install in the Platform instance. This would effectively help to revert the application to any of the successful commits in case of any failures.

For detailed information, see Git Integration in Diff/Merge View on XML Updates and Installing an application from GIT Commit History.

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Diff/Merge view

Installation via Git Commit History

Installation via Git Commit History

For detailed information, see Git Integration in Diff/Merge View on XML Updates and Installing an application from GIT Commit History.


Until Platform 6.0, On-Field Change had trigger criteria to be executed only if any or a selected field changed the value. In the case of an object having multiple fields, On-Field Change in Platform 6.1 has enhanced flexibility of trigger execution which has increased performance of the platform instance by no longer limiting it to just anyone field. Now, multiple fields can now be selected within the prescribed property limit and the trigger is executed if anyone field within the selection has a value change.

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As an enhancement, a new property in the administrative preferences is being introduced – Max Field limit denoting On-Field ChangeThis enables the administrators to set a limit on the maximum number of fields which can be selected to execute the On-Field Change trigger.

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For detailed information, see Configuring Administrative Preferences.


Platform v6.1 has emphasized the convention of creating/resetting passwords for the portal users. Instead of sending out a temporary password to the portal user’s email address while creating a new portal user or resetting the password, an activation link is now sent. This enhances the security levels and allows the portal users legitimate access to the platform instance.

Also, considering a portal user being assigned to multiple portals, the enhancement enables the user to be redirected to the exact portal after a successful password change. Aesthetically, an email template can also be managed to welcome/reset portal users along with their email addresses.

For detailed information, see Activating Portal User.


  1. RunTrigger Server-Side API with Async Option:
    So far the RunTrigger server-side API used to function all the processes in synchronous mode. With Platform 6.1 appended with an optional parameter – runAsync – which incorporates the flexibility to invoke any trigger as a background process asynchronously. With this parameter is enabled, the trigger is delayed by 5 seconds. For more information, see
  2. Audit Trail for Marketplace Push Update:
    Platform 6.1 incorporates an update to log an audit trail for any push update from the marketplace. This enables better clarity on any application installation through the marketplace.

Audit Trail

3.  React UI (Beta):
The React UI engine is now equipped with a theme builder/management console which allows the administrators to manage themes including creating new themes using the default themes. Apart from general bug fixes.

A. The UI engine is implemented with:

      1. page sections – Calendar, Application Tree, Approval, History Table and Org Tree.
      2. Fields – ImageArrayInput.
      3. White-labeling, custom pages and Ajax loading for nav sider menu items.

B. The UI configurator is appended with:

      1. An SDK that enables the users to add third-party widgets. It also provides the UI to upload third-party widgets to the configurator to render them on the platform runtime UI.
      2. A new widget – Horizontal & Vertical Slider to the default widget list.
      3. Replaced mapping canvas with better library (Storm flow diagram).
      4. Added field type validations on mapping canvas.

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