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At a time when many organizations struggle with patchwork, siloed programs and fragmented, inaccurate data, Infinite Blue is revolutionizing enterprise resilience. Our automated, integrated solutions help businesses rise above and beyond traditional business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response. We empower enterprises around the world to predict, communicate, coordinate, and tightly manage disruptions, and then emerge stronger than ever.

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The challenge

The threat landscape has changed.

This is the new reality: Business disruptions are increasingly complex, frequent, and severe. Organizations across industries are not prepared for this type of high-risk environment, and many do not realize it.

Infinite Blue’s platform, Cenari, is unlike any other solution on the market today. Cenari is a seamless, end-to-end platform that integrates everything organizations need to predict, plan, and respond effectively to incidents and return to business quickly.
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Infinite Blue delivers.


A full suite of enterprise resilience solutions and services.

Business continuity.

Plan and prepare for any disruption, while engaging teams across the enterprise.

Disaster recovery.

Respond quickly and effectively and return to normal operations more competitive and resilient than ever.

Risk management.

Identify, understand, prioritize, and plan for threats and disruptions.

Critical event management.

Coordinate, communicate, and manage your organization’s response to disruptions.

Compliance and audit.

More than ever, regulators, boards of directors, and senior leadership require organizations to have comprehensive operational resilience programs.

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We work across all industries.

Infinite Blue helps organizations, government agencies, and businesses across industries rise above and beyond incident planning and response.

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