November 18, 2021 / Crew Blog

The Value of Where You Work and Who You Work With

Catherine Seaman

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Infinite Blue

You know that feeling — the one when something’s just right?

Next week marks my 3-month anniversary with Infinite Blue. I have the deepest gratitude for not just where I work but for who I work with. 

When the opportunity arose to join Infinite Blue, I was certain it was where I belonged. The people I met with excited me. The company culture attracted me. And the go-get-’em attitude I encountered in each person I met was contagious.

I did have the unique advantage of knowing some of the team before joining. I came from one of Infinite Blue’s partners, where I worked closely with Infinite Blue’s account executives, the same people I now call my peers.

When I was invited to work for Infinite Blue, I was thrilled. I was already confident in the company and product I’d be selling. My experience since starting has only deepened my respect for this organization, because they embody the values they’re proposing.

In my experience, it’s rare to find such a competitive team spirit. The people at Infinite Blue are as kind and supportive as they are successful. And perhaps we’re successful because we are kind and supported. The people of Infinite Blue look out for each other, within all levels of leadership and within each department.

This community culture of respect shines through each interaction I’ve had. It’s in the way I was welcomed by the AE team, previously my superiors, who helped me in getting adjusted. It’s in the way the vice president drove me to the train station and invited me to dinner with family and friends. It’s in the invitation from coworkers to help me get to know a new city. It’s in the generous sharing of industry knowledge, in a simple offer for a ride, and in the way we speak about our clients and competition.

Infinite Blue continues to empower our team. We recently partnered with a wellness firm to deliver mindfulness in the workplace. We’re renovating a new office space to invest in our mental, physical, and emotional health. Within this will be room to grow, because with this degree of commitment and positivity, that’s the only direction we’re headed.

It’s refreshing to encounter such integrity. I am constantly reminded of how much it matters not just where you work but who you work with. Like the rest of my team, I am excited for what’s to come.

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