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COVID Lessons Learned & Ways to Grow Forward – A Gen Z Perspective

Picture this: you are in your senior year of college learning that Spring Break just got extended an extra week. While this sounds like great news to any college student, little did we know that our day-to-day lives were about to change. With COVID-19 taking over, that extra week turned into months quicker than we […]

Best Practices for Returning to the Office [3 Ways to Support Your Employees]

It is an interesting time to be working in Human Resources to say the least. As the Director of People Operations at Infinite Blue, I wanted to share some insights as we navigate re-opening our offices together.  Over the past year-and-a-half; we have closed, re-opened partially, closed again, re-opened partially and now we are eyeing […]

Unexpected Benefits to Working From Home

Early April, 2020. The world came to a full stop as a global pandemic unfolded and turned the workforce upside down. Suddenly, it was comprised of three types of employees: essential, non-essential, and remote. The shift happened fast, but many organizations found themselves depending on employees to work remotely. After a little over a year, […]

5 Tips on How to Cultivate Mindfulness During Your Workday

The practice of mindfulness might seem far too unconventional to speak about when it comes to office culture and work productivity. But what does it truly mean to be mindful? To me, mindfulness means being present and focusing your awareness on that moment and task at hand. Thinking about mindfulness in this way leads me to believe […]