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Practical Resilience: Better Together!

When my kids were younger we went to one of those ‘laser tag’ venues for a friend’s birthday.  My kids and I found our way on to the same team and as the referee was getting ready to start the game, I laid out the plan for us to all stick together and work as […]

Practical Resilience: I Can’t Connect! 5 Key Steps to Restoring Comms in a Crisis

I have a confession.  I find it amusing when the WIFI stops working at the house and my teenagers immediately think the world is ending.  It usually evokes a story from me that starts with, “When I was a kid…”, which results in immediate eye-rolling and some retort about dinosaurs walking the earth. A little […]

Practical Resilience: Cut Me Some Slack!

I ordered a gift for my wife from an online retailer yesterday and was thrilled to see it arrive this morning. Talk about a life saver! The speed with which goods and services move today is lightning fast compared to only a decade ago saving husbands everywhere in their last-minute gift purchasing. The crazy thing […]