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Best Practices for Returning to the Office [3 Ways to Support Your Employees]

It is an interesting time to be working in Human Resources to say the least. As the Director of People Operations at Infinite Blue, I wanted to share some insights as we navigate re-opening our offices together.  Over the past year-and-a-half; we have closed, re-opened partially, closed again, re-opened partially and now we are eyeing […]

Unexpected Benefits to Working From Home

Early April, 2020. The world came to a full stop as a global pandemic unfolded and turned the workforce upside down. Suddenly, it was comprised of three types of employees: essential, non-essential, and remote. The shift happened fast, but many organizations found themselves depending on employees to work remotely. After a little over a year, […]

Island Syndrome: Remote Work in a Social World

Tropical waters, white sandy beaches, and fruity cocktails… If these images come to mind at the phrase “Island Syndrome” you are either doing well with work-life balance or you are entirely burnt out! Unfortunately, the island we are talking about is closer to a deserted island than a relaxing vacation to remember.  So, what is […]