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Practical Resilience: Better Together!

When my kids were younger we went to one of those ‘laser tag’ venues for a friend’s birthday.  My kids and I found our way on to the same team and as the referee was getting ready to start the game, I laid out the plan for us to all stick together and work as […]

Practical Resilience: I Can’t Connect! 5 Key Steps to Restoring Comms in a Crisis

I have a confession.  I find it amusing when the WIFI stops working at the house and my teenagers immediately think the world is ending.  It usually evokes a story from me that starts with, “When I was a kid…”, which results in immediate eye-rolling and some retort about dinosaurs walking the earth. A little […]

Practical Resilience: 7 Steps to Keeping Your Power Players!

Michael. I’ll never forget him. He was the ONLY one who knew how that core application really worked or could fix it when it broke.  We used to joke about needing to get him executive protection or putting him in a bubble so that nothing would happen to him.  We also laughed about what would […]

Practical Resilience: Resilience Requires GRIT!

Umph! Drive! Go-Power! Tenacity! Determination! Ingenuity! Resourcefulness! Self-Initiation! Fortitude! Passion meeting perseverance! However you want to define it, GRIT is the X-factor in making your plans work and your organization more resilient! I had the honor of representing a former employer following Hurricane Katrina in addressing one of the US Senate Committees on why we […]