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Practical Resilience: Better Together!

When my kids were younger we went to one of those ‘laser tag’ venues for a friend’s birthday.  My kids and I found our way on to the same team and as the referee was getting ready to start the game, I laid out the plan for us to all stick together and work as […]

Practical Resilience: I Can’t Connect! 5 Key Steps to Restoring Comms in a Crisis

I have a confession.  I find it amusing when the WIFI stops working at the house and my teenagers immediately think the world is ending.  It usually evokes a story from me that starts with, “When I was a kid…”, which results in immediate eye-rolling and some retort about dinosaurs walking the earth. A little […]

Practical Resilience: 7 Steps to Keeping Your Power Players!

Michael. I’ll never forget him. He was the ONLY one who knew how that core application really worked or could fix it when it broke.  We used to joke about needing to get him executive protection or putting him in a bubble so that nothing would happen to him.  We also laughed about what would […]

Practical Resilience: Resilience Requires GRIT!

Umph! Drive! Go-Power! Tenacity! Determination! Ingenuity! Resourcefulness! Self-Initiation! Fortitude! Passion meeting perseverance! However you want to define it, GRIT is the X-factor in making your plans work and your organization more resilient! I had the honor of representing a former employer following Hurricane Katrina in addressing one of the US Senate Committees on why we […]

Practical Resilience: Cut Me Some Slack!

I ordered a gift for my wife from an online retailer yesterday and was thrilled to see it arrive this morning. Talk about a life saver! The speed with which goods and services move today is lightning fast compared to only a decade ago saving husbands everywhere in their last-minute gift purchasing. The crazy thing […]

An Updated Perspective on the Definition of Disaster Recovery

I was speaking to a large group of company owners at an Engineering conference on the importance of implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs. Afterwards, one of the owners of a mid-sized firm came up to thank me for the learning experience and ask why I didn’t cover backing up IT systems to tape. […]

5 Ways To Stay Prepared This Summer

It’s officially Summer! With summer comes vacation and relaxation, and work tends to slow down a bit.  We are all excited to enter this new season, especially with things opening back up, but we shouldn’t veer too far away from reality. Remember just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean incidents are on your same […]

How to Test a Business Continuity Plan

You’ve done it. You’ve completed business continuity planning for your organization! Congratulations, that means you’ve put in a lot of work to ensure your business can withstand whatever comes your way. But even the best business continuity plans need to be tested. If you don’t run tests or exercises on your plans, you won’t be aware of any gaps […]

Why a Business Continuity Plan is Essential to Your Business

When any of us own a large purchase or investment, we protect that investment with insurance.  Be it a house, car, boat, our health and even our lives.  The intent is to provide peace of mind in case the unthinkable happens.  Businesses themselves are not immune from the potential impacts that any disruption could cause.  […]

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

Many years ago, there was a British TV show called “Blackadder”.  It starred Rowan Atkinson, more well known for his role as Mr. Bean.  He played the title character and found himself in a duel with the Duke of Wellington.  The Duke explains to Blackadder that using pistols and swords is old fashioned and no […]