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Racing Towards Risk Management

I have a bit of a risky hobby. I’m an amateur race car driver. I’ve been competing in autocross since I was 15. In autocross, drivers of all skill levels race both against the clock and each other in a 30- to 60-second obstacle course fabricated from a copious number of orange traffic cones, typically […]

Business Continuity Planning for Credit Unions

The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) recently updated guidelines for credit union business continuity, the latest revision since first establishing such guidelines in 2003. This revision serves as a great opportunity to revisit the importance of business continuity planning for credit unions and lay out the basics any credit union should understand in its […]

Compounding Risk: Business Continuity For Insurance Companies

Insurers writing protection for property and casualty losses need to plan for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) at several levels. From a basic actuarial approach, they need to calculate the risk of a particular event occurring in order to be able to meet claim payout demands. Their own operations need BC/DR plans to ensure […]

Tips and Tricks To Automate Your Everyday Computer Use

A few years ago, I discovered “Alt + Tab,” a life-changing keyboard combination. Before this, I was taking my leisurely time scrolling my mouse from one end of the screen to the other in order to switch between applications—a tedious marathon I shall never run again.   I was content with living my life this […]

Hurricane Preparedness Tips from Infinite Blue

Hurricanes are powerful storms that bring life-threatening hazards to people living in both coastal and inland communities. Though you may first think of wind when envisioning a hurricane, water hazards are historically the deadliest. However, in actuality there are three major hazards of hurricanes — storm surge, heavy rainfall, and intense winds. The National Oceanic […]

Planning for Weak Links in the Supply Chain

Rule of thumb: Things are never as good as they are when they’re going well, and never so bad as when they’re going poorly. Except somehow the bad times are worse, and the good times seem to have the half-life of a Paris fashion trend. The challenges of the past two-plus years definitely proved that […]

National Weather Disasters Are Becoming More Prevalent And Severe… And Help Is Not Necessarily On The Way

Twenty times last year a weather or climate disaster cost the US at least a billion dollars. These disasters also resulted in the deaths of at least 688 people, the most since 2017. The trend is not only for weather disasters to be more expensive, but more frequent;  even adjusted for inflation, 2021 was only […]

The Game of Retail Risk: It’s No Game

Commerce drives the world. Whether conducting business online or a brick-and-mortar location, the marketplace brings together people and products in a way both enlivening and, in some cases, terrifying. Retailers are emerging from specifically challenging times — the COVID-19 pandemic that fundamentally altered retail — only to confront new challenges and variants to old challenges. […]

A Positive Change: Returning to the Office

We all remember the feeling when we received notice that offices would be closing and that we’d all be taking our work home with us. We remember the anxiety of adjusting to this new reality. It was only supposed to be for two weeks! In hindsight, thinking about the anxiety that working from home for […]

The Greatest Risk for a General Counsel: Business Continuity Tips for Success

The list of urgent matters demanding a general counsel’s attention is never-ending—contract negotiations, litigation threats, investor relations, regulatory concerns, personnel issues—but we cannot allow the urgent to crowd out time to consider the important. Although many of these matters may be time-sensitive, our overriding responsibility is to assess risk and protect the company. Lost in […]