October 02, 2022 / Webinars

Swimming with Sharks: Navigating the Waters of BCM Software Selection

Webinar: Swimming with Sharks: Navigating the Waters of BCM Software Selection

Description: In this session, we will go through how to research, evaluate, demo, and ultimately select the Business Continuity Management (BCM) software that works for your organization’s needs.  

Presenters: Chris Duffy, CISSP, CBCP, Director Customer Advocacy, and Catherine Seaman, Account Executive, Infinite Blue

Selecting BCM Software

Buying or replacing BCM software can be a feeding frenzy that can quickly overwhelm and cloud the waters. In this webinar, led by Chris Duffy, Director of Customer Advocacy at Infinite Blue, you will learn the most important parts of this process, including: 

  • Where to find unbiased research on software solutions 
  • How to create clear requirements on what you need 
  • The ins and outs of navigating demonstrations 
  • Tips on selecting the requirements that fit your company based on culture, regulations, and global footprint 
  • When you should look at customization vs out-of-the-box 
  • Managing the Sales people and process. 

Chris will be joined by Catherine Seaman, an Account Executive at Infinite Blue. Catherine helps clients in their software evaluations every day and will give insight into what kinds of things they are asking, and some common mistakes she sees. 

Plus as an added bonus, download our takeaway sheet with the most important questions to ask when evaluating BCM software, developed by Chris and Catherine. 

We invite you to watch the replay as you evaluate software for your organization.


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