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Resilience in retail.

Retailers are experiencing an unprecedented confluence of disruptions – a persistent pandemic, lockdowns, a sudden spike in unemployment followed by workforce shortages, inflation, and supply-chain issues. These organizations need proven and flexible business continuity management solutions to weather whatever comes next.

How we help

We empower retailers to:


Keep the doors open.

BCIC allows retailers to get ahead of incident and crisis management, allowing for better and faster recovery time.


Deliver timely information.

When disruptions happen, BCIC communication tools help distribute status updates easily to internal and external stakeholders.


Provide visibility.

BCIC provides executives with secure, real-time dashboards that provide key information.


Mitigate disruptions.

Manage BC/DR planning and exercising within BCIC for a clearer understanding of disruptions to the "ecosystem" to keep freight flowing.


Prepare for future events.

Exercising tools are included to help organizations practice BEFORE the crisis event to improve successful outcomes.

The choice is yours

Two leading solutions.

Streamlining the BCM process by creating a robust repository where BIA and Risk Assessment data is living and interconnected. This allows the BIA process to move quickly during an annual or bi-annual review.
Retail Administrator from a Fortune 20 Global Retailer

Leading with Retail Expertise

Meet Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson is a highly respected executive and thought leader in security, safety and crisis management and is appreciated for his ability to bring people together when developing innovative, forward-thinking strategies. Jason’s  experience includes leading Walmart’s global emergency management and business continuity teams, where he developed a vision for and launched forward leaning technology and operating platforms to improve the company’s ability to mitigate and manage crises. He most recently served as the Chief Security Officer for Bass Pro Shops family of companies with responsibility for security, safety and regulatory compliance to include cybersecurity, business continuity, and crisis management.

In his role as Chief Customer Officer at Infinite Blue, Jason develops customer experience excellence by driving holistic thinking and making continual progress with customer alignment throughout Infinite Blue. Working closely with Product Management, Customer Success, and Account Management, he is the consistent voice of the customer throughout Infinite Blue.

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