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BC in the Cloud allows you to plan, prepare, test and notify all within a fully integrated, easy-to-use business continuity management solution.

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Infinite Blue is a software solutions provider that helps some of the world’s largest organizations become more obstacle-resistant and resilient.

Our friendly and flexible applications work together as an all-in-one, configurable business continuity command center. We make it easier to understand your risk so you can plan ahead, respond in real time, and bounce back stronger from disruptions like fires, natural disasters, security breaches, global pandemics, and other “what-ifs”.

A what-now for every what-if.

Explore the full possibility of Infinite Blue across our configurable suite of applications and expertise.

BC in the Cloud

Organizational Resilience is key when preparing for the future. BC in the Cloud helps you mitigate your organization’s risk with automated, decentralized business continuity and disaster recovery programs.


Quickly and easily keep your team members in the know with mass Email, SMS, or Voice notifications managed through the BC in the Cloud app.


Manage your third-party relationships for smoother, less stressful collaboration. Featuring automated vendor screening, centralized communication tools and built-in automated workflows.

IB Connect

Seamlessly and securely integrate your most up-to-date data across 400+ applications, such as HR systems, CRMs, IT Databases and Support Systems.


Count on IB’s specialized experts to help you get the most out of our solutions and your organizational development.

98% of the time,
they come back every time.

From the nation’s leading hospitals to the biggest e-commerce businesses you can think of, some of the most high-powered organizations in the world count on Infinite Blue solutions to plan for a more resilient future.

“When our auditors request information I can get it to them right away. And they are always extremely happy with our reports.”

David Lockman
City and County Credit Union

“Sendigo allows our Credit Union to send mass notifications to a targeted audience, whether it be all our employees or just a specific branch. Sendigo is simple to use, you just enter in your message and out it goes!.”

Simone Leeds
Credit Union of Southern California

These are a just a few of the things our applications and experts can help you with today, tomorrow, and in the uncertain future.