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Audubon, PA
Posted on September 11

Infinite Blue is a global leading provider of extendable apps for enterprise resiliency. We have been recognized as the top technology company in the Philadelphia area.  Our engineering department is a collaborative environment where an individual can work with other top talent to deliver state-of-the-art technology.  We are in search of a JavaScript Engineer to join our brand-new ML engineering team.  Our ML team is responsible for leveraging big data to provide predictive analysis capabilities for our newly released Cenari Product. 


The Engineer is a mid-level position to help build our next-generation technology platform, Cenari.  This individual must be well-versed in cloud-native, SaaS-centric technologies.  This individual must be capable of understanding architectural documents, performing detailed analysis, designing testable implementation solutions, implementation, testing, maintenance, and support tasks in all environments including production.  This position requires interaction and deep coordination with other software engineers, architects, UX designers, etc., and as such, requires excellent communication skills and a strong team-centric attitude.  Additionally, this position requires a highly motivated self-starter, with the ability to work independently, evangelize strategies on development practices, and to deliver solutions in a timely manner. 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

    • Implement, test, maintain and support software, based on technical design and functional requirement specifications  
    • Prepare technical design specifications based on functional/non-functional requirements and analysis documents  
    • Review requirements, analysis, and other design documents and provide feedback  
    • Ideate and contribute to technical direction and architecture  
    • Review code for engineering teams to ensure engineering excellence  
    • Help ensure all code produced is both testable and tested with high code coverage – passionate about Quality and testing  
    • Assist customer support with technical problems and questions  
    • Take responsibility of your team’s time-to-market speed and continuously work to improve that metric as safely as possible  
    • Strong communicator: facilitation, written verbal, and most importantly via listenin

Skills Requirements

  • Proficiency in React.js and Node.js and JavaScript ES6+ 
  • Proficiency in TypeScript  
  • Experience implementing web-based systems as part of a microservice environment using Docker or Function as a Service (FaaS) platforms  
  • Experience with iterative, incremental software development processes  
  • Experience with complex software development projects using agile development planning and methods  
  • Swagger/OpenAPI/RAML first development – should be able to write an API specification using these tools  
  • Proficiency in RESTful Microservice design and construction with appropriate frameworks depending on preferred Stack 
  • Polyglot-level experience with more than 1 persistence technology such as: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, DynamoDB, HANA, Redis, etc  
  • Experience with distributed asynchronous reactive architectures – using async messaging to coordinate functionality between microservices  
  • An understanding of both normalized relational data modeling and potentially de-normalized no-SQL data modeling and the differences between  
  • Experience with performance analysis and tuning  
  • Ability to quickly analyze, organize, and abstract large amounts of information and to make decisions based on this analysis – creative solutions are welcomed  
  • Ability to influence and negotiate when faced with opposing views or resistance  
  • Must be results-oriented and customer-focused  

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field; or equivalent combination of education/experience  
  • 3+ years’ experience in software engineering 

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