Developer Intern

Hyderabad, India
Posted on December 15

Infinite Blue is the leading platform for resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery planning and response. We are in search of a  Developer Intern to join our expanding team.

This position is located in Hyderabad, India.


  • Understand the user requirements and help in fine tuning the requirements
  • Design the approach for implementing the requirements in the platform code base
  • Develop, Test and deliver different functionality needed for the platform
  • Be a part of the platform SAFE agile process
  • Document and socialize the design and implementation details

Skills Requirement

  • Strong Knowledge on Java, Spring, Hibernate
  • Strong Coding skills
  • Good Analytical skills

Core Values

Infinite Blue has a strong orientation towards these five core values.  Successful employees will demonstrate these capabilities:
  • Grit – courage and resolve to achieve our goals
  • Agile – ability to reassess and adapt quickly
  • Trust – confidence in our services and each other
  • One Team – strong alignment and collaboration across the company
  • Respect – all team members add value

Infinite Blue is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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