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Infinite Blue Announces Winners of Inaugural ‘IB Excellence in Resilience’ Awards

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Audubon, PA., May 24, 2022Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery planning and response management software, recognized the inaugural winners of the ‘IB Excellence in Resilience’ awards during its Discover 2022 – BC in the Cloud® User Group. The new awards program is designed to spotlight Infinite Blue customers and how they use BC in the Cloud to achieve operational resiliency. Houston Methodist was honored with Recovery of the Year while ADP was named the IB Trailblazer winner.

Recovery of the Year: Houston Methodist

This award recognizes an Infinite Blue customer who has successfully recovered from an incident over the past year using their plans, software, and skills. Houston Methodist faced a catastrophic data center power outage, late on a Friday, impacting 7 hospitals and over 100 clinics, which brought down critical healthcare applications, phones, and internet.

Houston Methodist was prepared for the incident as they had spent the months prior migrating all of their application and infrastructure plans from Word and Excel, into their automated BC in the Cloud software. They had also conducted quarterly testing of the program, followed by After Action Reports and implemented necessary changes.

Recovery efforts, status, and updates were defined and tested, streamlining efforts and coordination using BC in the Cloud software as the central resource. The largest challenge faced was the remote workforce involved in the recovery process, but by using mobile assessable software they were kept updated in real-time as much as possible.

The Houston Methodist team followed their plans outlined in BC in the Cloud to move step by step, recovering one system at a time. In total, it took about 6 hours to get all clinical systems back up, but within 2 hours all critical systems were fully recovered. Houston Methodist took the learnings from the event and enacted new procedures, so this type of event won’t happen again.


IB Trailblazer: ADP

The IB Trailblazer is intended to showcase the Infinite Blue customer with the most unique BC in the Cloud use case. With the increased number of disasters the world is facing, ADP identified the need to provide a convenient and fast way for multiple areas in the organization to visualize and assess the potential impacts on its associates, facilities, and critical processes.

ADP has more than 200 locations and approximately 66,000 associates globally, so gathering data in a timely manner before, during and after a disaster, is crucial. ADP’s Crisis Management Team, Business Resiliency Planners, and the Facilities Protection Team collaborated to determine what information they needed to see in order to assess initial impacts.

Working closely with Infinite Blue’s Admin Concierge Services Team, ADP created two features, a Location Portal for non-licensed Facilities, Business Resiliency Planners, and individual Site Leaders and a separate dashboard within the Location Object for its Crisis Management Team and Facilities Protection Team.

The end result provides a high level visual of key on site contacts, Business Units and Divisions, generator and UPS capabilities, key infrastructure information, associate headcount, related continuity plans, and related critical processes within the Location Portal and the dashboard, while the enhanced relationships in the Location Object provide the dolled down details on each of the elements provided on the Location Portal and dashboard.

“Since this is the first time in two years that we were able to hold our BC in the Cloud User Group in-person, we wanted to do something special to recognize our customers and how they utilize our software,” said Frank Shultz, Chairman and CEO of Infinite Blue. “The whole company is excited to share in the success of each of the winners and it was an honor for me to be able to recognize them among their peers. We’re already looking forward to building on the success of the first year of the program.”

Information for the 2023 ‘IB Excellence in Resilience’ awards will be available later this year.


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