September 01, 2022 / Case Studies

Hy Cite Turns to BCIC to Build a Stronger, More Resilient Organization

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“Infinite Blue took the time to listen and understand my needs, and building rapport was important.”

– Ryan Hieptas, Hy Cite

Ryan Hieptas was brought on board at Hy Cite with a mandate to implement a new BC solution. After building a list of attributes required and speaking with six different companies, it was clear to Ryan that BC in the Cloud by Infinite Blue had everything Hy Cite required to meet their needs, and grow with their program, including:

  • A flexible, user-friendly interface
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Responsive and knowledgable Customer Success support
  • The ability to integrate business continuity into other parts of the company without extra effort

Hy Cite and BC in the Cloud

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