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Enterprise resilience

As disruptions become more frequent, severe, and complex, organizations need to reach for the highest standards of resilience to ensure they can respond to any incident, and emerge stronger.

The highest standard

What is enterprise resilience?

Enterprise resilience is an organization’s ability to:

  • PLAN. Dynamically plan, prepare, and understand risks and downstream impacts
  • RESPOND. Anticipate disruptions and respond in a coordinated and controlled manner
  • LEARN. Recover, adapt, and evolve to improve future responses

Enterprise resilience encompasses all domains, including cyber and physical, across all geographies that support the operation of the organization.

Enterprise resilience puts all of the aspects of business continuity, disaster recovery, incident management, third-party risk management, governance risk, and compliance into one system that organizations use every day. This gives them the visibility they need to know when something small could escalate and empowers them to take action.
Frank Shultz Founder and CEO, Infinite Blue

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