April 18, 2023 / In the News

Infinite Blue Enhances Highly Tailored Risk Intelligence in Cenari, the Total Enterprise Resilience Platform

Alerts are verified and customized to reduce noise and enable organizations to focus and act on incidents that matter

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Audubon, PA (April 18, 2023) Infinite Blue, the leader in total enterprise resilience, today announced that it has enhanced the real time threat intelligence feature in Cenari, the ground breaking, fully integrated resilience solution. Now, Cenari users can receive verified alerts regarding political and social unrest, weather and cyber events, and other threats based on their organization’s specific needs. This highly tailored approach has been designed to reduce the “noise” risk managers must contend with, so they can immediately see and act on the incidents that impact their organization.

“Too often organizations must sift through countless general alerts, while juggling a patchwork of BC/DR platforms and vendors to determine what could potentially impact them,” said Infinite Blue CEO Frank Shultz. “For risk leaders facing a potential incident, this results in too many distractions, complications, and false alarms. We are making resilience programs intelligent, integrated, and precise so organizations can eliminate the noise and respond seamlessly.”

When Infinite Blue unveiled Cenari last year, it included advanced threat intelligence with proprietary algorithms that ensured organizations were only notified of threats that could impact them. Now, through a partnership with Factal, a respected provider of real-time risk intelligence, the alerts are more robust and verified.

Cenari synchronizes incident planning, mass notification, threat intelligence, and enterprise-wide responses into a single platform. It then “learns” from each incident to improve future responses and enable organizations to become increasingly resilient over time.

“Cenari is changing how companies think about enterprise resilience in many ways. Among them, it enables organizations to see potential threats earlier and more clearly, and predict the downstream impacts,” said Shultz. “Our announcement today has increased our clients ability to see what’s coming and respond more effectively.”


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