November 07, 2022 / Webinars

Beyond BC: Achieving Operational and Enterprise Resilience

Webinar: Beyond BC: Achieving Operational and Enterprise Resilience

Description: As crises become more frequent and severe, organizations are under mounting pressure from investors, boards, regulators, and customers to achieve higher levels of resilience. In this webinar, we will discuss the hierarchy of resilience, the components of each stage, and a roadmap for achieving the highest level: enterprise resilience.

Presenters: Andy Witts, CBCP, PMC, Senior Director of Alliances, Infinite Blue and Bryce Mattson, Professional Services Consultant, Infinite Blue


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Our Speakers

Andy Witts

Andy Witts, CBCP, PMC

Senior Director of Alliances
Infinite Blue

Bryce Mattson

Bryce Mattson

Professional Services Consultant
Infinite Blue

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