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BC in the Cloud Training

We invite our BC in the Cloud customers to complimentary training (virtually).

It’s very important to us that our customers are knowledgeable and well versed in how to run the BC in the Cloud application from the front-end to the back-end. We offer complimentary training sessions. Please see dates and times below for our upcoming sessions.


New and Existing System Administrators


February 21 – General Navigation
February 23 – BIA/Plans Overview
February 28 – Data Management/Reporting
March 2 – Enterprise Advanced

2:00 – 4:00 PM ET
Time subject to change


Virtual Trainings via Zoom


General Navigation
BIA/Plans Overview
Data Management/Reporting
Enterprise Advanced


Additional individualized training can also be organized with your Account Manager or Implementation Lead. Please note that additional costs may occur.


General Navigation

This session will cover accessing/logging into the Infinite Blue platform, terminology, and high-level foundational concepts to get you comfortable with the BC In the Cloud application.


  • Supported browsers and secure access
  • Obtaining an account
  • Security levels and authentication options
  • Forgot Password
  • Updating your profile and logging out
  • Users v. Employees

General Overview

  • The Menu bar:  Tabs, Overflow, Responsive UI
  • Application page components:  Home Page Quick links, Streamlined User view, Record Lists
  • Profile Settings
  • Side bar menu
  • The Application switcher:  App Settings, App Preview, Setup Home, Site Administration
  • Search: Object search, Metadata search, Record List Search
  • Views:  Changing Views, Filtering Views


  • Review page types: New, View, Edit, Record List, Generic, Quick Create
  • Page options
  • Detailed Search options

Record Updates

  • Accessing and updating Records
  • Creating Records
  • Editing Records
  • Deleting and Detaching:  Dictionary/Middle Table

BIA/Plan Overview

The BIA/Plan overview focuses on general workflow from the administrator and end-user perspective.  This includes creating a BIA/Plan, updating records, linking records, and an overview of the automated workflow built within the BC in the Cloud application.

Walkthrough of the User Experience

  • Organization
  • Resources
  • BIA
  • Processes and Intermediary Tables
  • Plans and Plan Types: BC, DR, CMP, Cyber

General Workflow Overview

  • Workflow status overview
  • Email templates
  • Action Item Library
  • Approval workflow: Approval groups, reminders, and portal access
  • Update Cycle
  • Version History

Data Management and Reporting

Getting information in and out of the BC in the Cloud application is simple and streamlined.  Leverage your existing data from corporate systems and create dynamic reports to display the health and status of your program.

Plan Output

  • Accessing Plan Output
  • Updating Sections:  Standard vs. HTML Section
  • Plan Specific text


  • Creating and editing views
  • Adding columns
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Filtering views
  • Exporting data from view

Basic Reports and Charts 

  • Creating tabular reports:  Create new, edit, add layers, adding charts, output types, applying filters
  • Creating charts
  • Using charts

Importing data 

  • Compatible import data types
  • Importing for existing objects
  • Importing related objects
  • Deleting multiple records by importing a spreadsheet
  • Exporting from views and reports
  • Data Maps

Enterprise Advanced

This training focuses on exploring the back end of BC in the Cloud and the core components within an object including object attributes, fields, relationships, reports and more.

During this time, we will also review screen configuration.  This will focus on building detailed searches (ex: searching for an Employee based on their Location or Department), managing grid controls, and creating/managing tabs and subtabs.


  • High Level overview of Objects, Fields, Records
  • Relationships, Linkages, Intermediary Tables
  • Object definition overview
  • Object attributes
  • Creating a new object definition
  • Creating a record name template
  • Creating a tab
  • Viewing and editing an object definition
  • Deleting an object definition
  • Enabling Audit


  • Field Types
  • Advanced field properties
  • Setting default values
  • Field Integration Name
  • Enabling field-level help
  • Cloning fields
  • Deleting fields
  • Replacing a picklist value
  • Converting field types
  • Field level permissions
  • Adding fields to pages, views, and reports

Relationships between objects

  • Global relationship lookup field properties
  • Changing lookup field behavior
  • Related records components
  • Related grid controls
  • Orphan records


  • Pages, the page editor, and grid controls
  • Page tabs
  • Using grid controls to manage multiple records
  • Dynamic filtering

Record List Views and Properties

  • Calculating values for columns
  • Filtering views
  • Filtering by formula
  • Cloning records
  • Merging Records
  • Mass Update

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