October 21, 2020 / Crew Blog

The Business Continuity Power Play: How BC in the Cloud Is Like Hockey

Ben Hayward

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Some call it ice hockey, others call it puck – but I know it as the greatest game around. Ever since I was a young kid, the hockey rink, the locker room, and the community served as an environment for fostering lifelong memories and friends. One of my fondest memories of hockey as young player came from when I was playing in Michigan. Every summer, our hockey team would hold tryouts that would determine whether you would make the team at the start of the season. During an ordinary summer tryout, I had the opportunity to meet ex-NHLer Kevin Hatcher. I would not have believed it at the time, but Kevin ended up becoming my coach for the next few years. How often does a hockey nerd get the chance to learn from and to play for a Hall of Famer?

In the pursuant years, Coach Kevin taught me that the game of hockey is like chess, in that it demands an immense amount of strategy. Some of the game’s most crucial elements – passing, shooting, checking, and stickhandling – are similar to those of our application, BC in the Cloud by Infinite Blue. In our application, you have triggers that assist clients in automating each step of their workflow process. These can be compared to the action of passing the puck in hockey, where players maneuver the ice with the intention of scoring in their opponent’s net. Teams that pass effectively tend to have a better flow to their game, and ultimately are more successful in scoring goals. Flow in hockey is key to creating time and space. The better the flow of the game, the more likely you are to out-work your competition with minimal effort. The same applies to a smooth, seamlessly run app that our clients can feel confident in.

Another crucial element to hockey is always keeping your head up and eyes forward. This allows you to scan the ice, navigate, and reduce the chances of the other team snagging the puck. Injury from an unsuspecting body check is often preventable when your head is up, and you are paying attention. Like this ‘forward thinking’ hockey technique, our way of building professional plans on BC in the Cloud prepares clients for any impending disaster. A Business Continuity team that sees ahead of an impending disaster and has a response plan in place can make all the difference.

From the start, we allow our customers to create Business Continuity plans, Disaster Recovery plans, and Application Recovery Plans just to name a few. All these plan types come with a level of automation and configuration that allows for you to consistently stay ahead of disasters and helps keep your business running. Whether you need an automated plan workflow, or new “heads up hockey” approach to your world of business continuity, our application has you covered.



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