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Planning for Weak Links in the Supply Chain

Rule of thumb: Things are never as good as they are when they’re going well, and never so bad as when they’re going poorly. Except somehow the bad times are worse, and the good times seem to have the half-life of a Paris fashion trend. The challenges of the past two-plus years definitely proved that […]

The Exodus From Excel, The Journey & Value Proposition Of A BCM Solution

The Exodus From Excel, The Journey & Value Proposition Of A BCM Solution I have not always worked for a business continuity software vendor, although sometimes it seems that way. I became deeply involved in BCM (business continuity management) as a CIO, supporting services 24x7x365, and before that, I was vice president for a boutique […]

An Updated Perspective on the Definition of Disaster Recovery

I was speaking to a large group of company owners at an Engineering conference on the importance of implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programs. Afterwards, one of the owners of a mid-sized firm came up to thank me for the learning experience and ask why I didn’t cover backing up IT systems to tape. […]

Business Continuity Plans: One Size Fits One

If I had a nickel for every time someone at a tradeshow, or a software prospect asked me to provide a sample business continuity plan they could use as a guideline or template, I would be writing this on a tropical island instead of sequestered in my home office. The challenge with the request for […]

Reintroducing the Workforce to the New “Normal” Post COVID 19

We are all very immersed in supporting our companies and families during this global pandemic. With this comes a new set of challenges, that we don’t normally see as business continuity professionals, but are well within our skillset and should be brought forth to the appropriate areas of leadership. The goal is to ensure continuity of operations, or organizational resilience.  I would like to take a different approach to continuity, one that […]

Utilizing Your Pandemic Response/Plan to Include Minimizing Stakeholder Impact

Pandemic planning focuses on ensuring our companies can recover from a protracted incident and the ability to sustain most impacted/critical operations over an extended period (30, 60, 90 days+).  Considering current events, this is especially relevant.  We have been working with our customers to also look into minimizing the impact to their external stakeholders, as […]