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Advisory services: Building next-level BC/DR programs.

With decades of experience and deep technical expertise, we can put your organization on the path to total enterprise resilience.

Our approach.

Program evaluation. We provide insight, validation, and recommendations to help your organization become prepared for the next business disruption. We will provide a custom, detailed GAP report and roadmap to help determine the best path forward.

Program development strategy. After our evaluation, we provide recommendations to meet your objectives. Through this multi-stage process, we identify critical issues and develop a program that can evolve with your business.

Plan and assessment development. Our team will design, develop, and implement your plan and assessment strategy. We will also guide your organization in enhancing data gathering, and developing a training and awareness program for your user community.

Regulatory audit preparation. Our advisors have worked with ISO standards, data protection for EU countries, ITAR, HIPAA, and many others. We will conduct a thorough review of your program and offer guidance to help ensure you are compliant.

Our approach. Continued.

Administration as a service. Software administration can be time consuming. Infinite Blue can help ease the burden through our Administrative Concierge Services (ACS), allowing you to focus on the business areas that need you most.

Define, create, implement. We will provide you with a Virtual Business Continuity Manager (V-BCM) to help get your program to where you want it to be and reduce your overall risk exposure.

Conduct a ransomware tabletop. Our advisory team will create and conduct a 90-minute Tabletop exercise, providing a safe environment for discussing the issues specific to Ransomware business interruptions.

Taking it further

Additional services.

Our team is available to help in whatever way your organization needs, including:


Design and deliver ISO 22301 & ISO 22317 Business Impact Analysis.

We can create an industry specific Business Impact Analysis that adheres to ISO standards and provides a quantitative and qualitative approach.


Custom BC/DR plans.

We have built hundreds of actionable business continuity and disaster recovery plans for our partners following industry best practices and the most advanced technology available.


Tabletop exercises with attestations.

We custom build a facilitated learning event to help organizations identify gaps and opportunities to achieve greater readiness.


Program and plan assessment.

Assess your program and plans against standards and regulations, including DRI and BCI.


Surge staffing.

Our certified team of industry practitioners can fill short- or long-term project and growth needs.


Mergers and acquisitions.

Identifying business processes, applications, and IT resiliency quickly during an acquisition can provide invaluable information when integrating work, applications, and critical data into your organization.


Facility risk assessments.

Determining high-probability natural, technical, and man-made risks to your buildings is the first step to creating mitigating strategies to complement your organization’s BC/DR plans.


Organizational resiliency strategic planning.

Our team will provide your organization with timelines, budget, resources, deliverables, and key performance metrics to ensure you are always prepared for a disruption.

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