December 08, 2023 / Webinars

The 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report

Webinar Recording

Infinite Blue shared insights on our 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report during our recent 2024 DRJ Webinar.

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Infinite Blue releases their 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report

Threats are not only becoming more severe and frequent, they are also happening concurrently. And enterprise resilience teams need to be prepared to plan, respond, and recover in this increasingly complex landscape.

Join Frank Shultz, CEO & Founder of Infinite Blue, for a deep dive into the company’s 2024 Global Enterprise Resilience Report, including results from industry surveys, expert analysis of the events of 2023, and steps organizations can take to prepare for a potentially volatile future.

About Frank Shultz.

Frank Shultz founded Infinite Blue in 2012 with a distinctly different vision for enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery. At a time when BC/DR was a manual process designed to meet audit requirements, Frank envisioned something automated, integrated, predictive, and, in a crisis, actionable.

Before launching Infinite Blue, Frank held senior strategy and technology positions at Strohl Systems, a business continuity vendor, and GHR Systems, a lending automation software company. He is a frequent speaker on the enterprise risk and future of emergency management and a contributor to a variety of industry publications.

In his free time, Frank coaches incoming college students through Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and mentors entrepreneurs who are starting or scaling businesses through PACT’s Mentor Connect. A graduate of Syracuse University, Frank lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.

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