What’s New in Platform 6.3.0

Release Date: February 4, 2022

The Infinite Blue Platform Version 6.3.0 has been released and is available for download via

The following is a summary of features updates, enhancements, and performance improvements bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version Customers currently running version 5.0 or later are eligible to upgrade to version 6.3. If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for additional information.

A release summary video is available on YouTube. This video provides an overview of the new capabilities and enhancements provided with version 6.3.0.


Conditional Object CRUD Permissions

In previous versions of the Platform, administrators could define Conditional Formulas to provide more granular and conditional permissions to who can Edit or Delete a record and under what circumstances.

Platform 6.3 now supports the same capability to control View and Create access to records.

Note: Enabling a Conditional View Formula for a given object will force list views to display in Infinite Scroll mode rather than Pagination mode. Additionally, the total number of records will not be displayed by default.

For detailed information on this, see Disabling records using Condition formulas.

MinIO Storage Support

The Infinite Blue Platform provides masterzone administrators and infrastructure architects with flexible external file storage options. In addition to Amazon S3 and Microsoft AzurePlatform 6.3 now supports MinIO file storage to provide additional flexibility for customers’ storage needs. MinIO is an open source S3 Compatible Storage alternative to Amazon S3. This can be configured in the system console.

For detailed information on this, see Using S3 Compatible Storage.

Chart Enhancements

Customers can now take advantage of more advanced FusionChart capabilities by creating custom charts. A new client side API, rbf_includeFusionChartLibrary(), is now available. This API loads the FusionCharts library into the runtime pages on demand. Administrators can now develop more advanced dashboards and reports to more effectively capture business metrics

Library Upgrades

  1. Log4j 2.17Infinite Blue has updated this utility in response to the global security vulnerability to ensure customer environments are secure.
  2. FusionCharts 3.18.0To use the more modern, default theme for charts, ensure the Shared Property EnableFusionTheme is checked.
  3. Bootstrap 5XTo take advantage of the latest Bootstrap version, change the Bootstrap Version selected for Applications and Portals.
  4. tinyMCE 5.10.0The HTML editor for developing email templates and document templates has been updated to take advantage of the latest features.

Performance Improvements

This release includes optimizations on performance in several areas towards Infinite Blue’s continued focus on Platform scalability and stability. Some of the key highlighted areas are:

  1. Cache Management OptimizationsHazelcast has been upgraded and optimized for more performant and scalable cache management.
  2. Data Import and Data ExportData import and export processes have been further optimized in this release.
  3. UI ImprovementsWith version 6.3Infinite Blue has optimized the performance of UI operations. Some of the most obvious enhancements revolve around the List Views with groups and totals.