December 16, 2022 / Blog

A defining year for enterprise resilience.

Courtney Eiceman

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Infinite Blue Crew

From supply chain issues, cyber-attacks, the ongoing pandemic, natural disasters, social unrest, and more: 2022 tested organizations like never before. This new, heightened level of risk is the new normal. Climate change is driving increasingly severe weather events, and geopolitical tensions are impacting global workforces, facilities, and supply chains. And social unrest and violence continues unabated in the US and abroad.

As the threat environment changed in 2022, Infinite Blue continued to invest, innovate, and evolve to help clients meet new challenges. Here’s how.

Launching the next generation in enterprise resilience, Cenari

At a time when many organizations rely on a patchwork of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) vendors and platforms, Infinite Blue introduced Cenari, the first fully integrated, intelligent enterprise resilience solution. This next-generation solution synchronizes incident planning, threat intelligence, and enterprise-wide responses in a single, seamless platform. It alerts business and IT leaders to potential incidents earlier, enables them to predict downstream impacts, and provides incident specific, step-by-step guidance on how to dynamically respond to developments on the ground.

We believe Cenari sets a new standard for resilience. It’s no longer enough for an organization to respond and recover from a disruption in an endless cycle. It must emerge stronger than before and more prepared for the next incident, no matter how severe.

New company brand + HQ

Because our approach to enterprise resilience is unlike that of any other company in the industry, we launched a new brand and corporate website that better conveys our mission, philosophy, and solutions.

We also moved into our new US headquarters in Audubon, Pennsylvania. It is six times the size of our previous office to accommodate our growing team and infrastructure and features on-site training facilities including a state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Bringing together leaders across industries

This year, we were thrilled to be back in person for Discover 2022, our Infinite Blue Customer User Group. This invaluable event brought together industry leaders to share ideas and learn from each other to get closer to resilience. And we’re already gearing up for next year.

During Discover, we also announced the inaugural winners of the IB Excellence in Resilience Awards. This recognition spotlights organizations that are using our solutions to find new and better ways to achieve resilience.

New relationships

In 2022, we announced more than nine new partnerships with leading international organizations. These relationships will allow us to continue to enhance our services and solutions.

Expanding the Blue Crew

For several years, we have been fortunate enough to attract experts, innovators, and practitioners in organizational, operational, and financial resilience to our team. We have worked hard to foster a corporate culture of empowerment, excellence, and infinite possibility, and we could not be more honored to have luminaries from across the industry join Infinite Blue in 2022.


In short, it was a good and important year for us. But it is also a part of our culture to always be striving for more. We have a bold product roadmap planned for 2023, and even more ambitious plans as we rethink resilience.

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