What’s New in Platform 6.2

This section outlines a summary of the highly anticipated features updates, enhancements, and performance improvements bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version 6.2.  Customers currently running version 5.0 or later are eligible to upgrade to version 6.2. If you are running an earlier version, please contact Support for additional information. 

Here are the major updates:  


1. Job Enhancements

a. Job Priority – Administrators can now prioritize batch jobs to optimize job queuing and job processing. If multiple batch jobs are scheduled to run at the same time, this numerical priority will control the order in which batch jobs are run. For detailed information on this, see Batch Jobs.

b.  Job Cancellation – Prior to 6.2, job cancellations were possible only for master tenant administrators. Now, job monitoring and cancellation are possible at the tenant level for in-process or pending jobs like Import, Mass Run and Mass Update. This enhancement would allow the tenant users to monitor the jobs effectively. For detailed information on this, see Components and Monitoring Setup. 

2. Portal User Password Management 

The new Change Password portal link allows authenticated portal users to manage their own passwords directly in the portal. Administrators can add this component to any portal page in the Page Designer. 

For detailed information on this, see Change Password for Portal Users. 

3. Graal JavaScript engine 

Prior to 6.2, the Platform used the Rhino (Mozilla) JavaScript engine to run server-side JavaScript. Tenant administrators can now choose to run server-side JavaScript with the Graal JS (by Graal VM) engine to enhance performance. Platform developers can also now utilize JavaScript features like promises and modules after enabling Graal JS. 

For detailed information on this, see Graal VM Java Script. 

4. Default Email Sender 

Platform 6.2 now provides an option to set a display name for the default email sender, applicable for SMTP server only. Previously, the display name value was taken from the current user’s name. This feature provides Platform administrators greater control over default email settings at the tenant level. 

For detailed information on this, see Account administration and security settings. 

Performance Improvements 

This release includes optimizations on performance in several areas towards our  continued focus on Platform scalability and stability. Some of the key highlighted areas are:

1. Data Import 

Data import performance has been improved significantly for both Bulk and Normal modes. The bulk mode has a higher level of performance improvement as compared to the Normal mode. 

2. Data Export 

There is a substantial performance improvement for list view data exports for all supported file output formats. The .xls and .xlsx file formats have shown higher level of performance improvement compared to other export file formats. 

3. REST API 1.0 

Platform 6.2 provides certain performance optimizations for some key Data APIs from REST API 1.0 as listed below. However, customers are encouraged to review and migrate REST API 2.0 for enhanced security, performance, and integration capabilities. 

a. getPage 

b. getDataField 

c. getRecord 

d. getRelationships 

e. getCount

4. Search Indexing Jobs 

This release provides performance optimizations to search jobs through  enhanced search indexing, job queuing, and processing. The elastic search engine is also upgraded for better performance. 

5. UI Improvements 

The performance of UI CRUD operations has been measurably optimized. This is especially noticeable for records with thousands of related records, which previously required a considerable amount of time to edit and save. Additionally, there is a significant improvement in performance while utilizing charts.