Infinite Blue 5.12.0 Release Highlights

This section profiles the most important updates, new features, enhancements, and bug fixes bundled with the Infinite Blue Platform version You can reliably upgrade if you are on version 5.0 or later.

Here are the major updates:

1.   Dedicated Table Objects (Beta)

Prior to Platform v5.12 instance, many multiple object definitions shared just a single regular shared object table even across tenant(s). However, since Platform v5.12, the Master Administrator has the autonomy to choose the data storage whether shared or dedicated tables where large data objects can be moved to dedicated tables.

With the Dedicated Tables, the citizen developers can now experience the following benefits:

  • Improved gain on job performance, while importing records by either creating or updating.
  • Better utilization of the databases indices.
  • All records of the table are uniformly including the dense index data over the indexed columns.
  • The batch size during import on any dedicated object is no longer capped to just 1.
  • The Platform instance leverages UNIQUE CONSTRAINTS across the dedicated tables while reducing the number of SQL queries.

For detailed information on dedicated tables, see Dedicated Tables.

2.   Server-Side API for RESTv2.0

Introducing a new Server-Side API – rbv_api.invokeSystemRESTV2() which expedites a JSON request to any specific Platform RESTv2.0 resource without requiring any credentials and utilizing the user’s current session. As this method invokes the internal system RESTv2.0 methods, as it only allows API-Key/JWT based authentication.

As defined, this API can run within the current admin/user context, if invoked by any background process/active user session, respectively. Thus, enhancing the app development experience and responsiveness where the app developers can profusely invoke platform features.

3.   Single sign-on Certificate Per Tenant

Until now, Single sign-on (SSO) was configured to handle certificates by the administrator(s) and just configurable by tenant administrator(s) only. With this approach in Platform v5.12, tenant administrator(s) have the privileged to:

  • Use the globally defined certificate (or)
  • Add their individual secure certificates (if available) in the administrative preferences page which permits to have a unique certificate per tenant.

By which, tenant user(s) can now seamlessly and securely connect across the Platform instance using a single set of credentials.

For detailed information, see Configuring Administrative Preferences and Configuring SAML/ADFS Authentication for a Tenant

4.   Async Processing for Mass-Update

Until Platform v5.12, Mass-Updating of records were running synchronously thus restricting the UI if the record count is significantly large in number. As an enhancement, Platform v5.12 is now supporting asynchronous processing of record mass updates, when the count exceeds the specified upper limit in the shared properties section on the system console.

For detailed information, see Updating multiple records