Infinite Blue 5.7.0 Release Highlights

REST API 2.0 -Phase 2 (Beta):

We continue to invest and improve in REST API v2.0 and Release includes more functionality. In our previous release REST API v2.0 had most of the Data APIs and this release has enriched the collection by adding Metadata APIs and Admin APIs:

  • Metadata APIs: These APIs enable our app developers to consume and get the information of application structure definition which includes definition of “Application,” “Objects,” ”Fields,” “Views,” “Triggers” and others. This enables them to better design their business logic and more control on the information available through API.
  • Admin APIs: Admin APIs are enabling admins to access the information using APIs. These information are such as “Roles,” “Permissions,” ”Authentication” and others.


The two other changes in this release are:

  • Integration Names: In this release we have added Integration Names as non-mandatory fields to most of the application elements, including: Application, Triggers, BatchJobs, Portals, Roles, views and others. These Integration Names will be required when developers want to consume the elements using REST API v2.0, which identifies these elements uniquely by Integration Name. This gives the capability of REST API code to be portable across systems & environments.
  • Oracle database support discontinued: We are discontinuing our support of the Oracle database, as our customers have minimal or no utilization and we will be putting our resources toward forward looking solutions. We have added “Postgres” database support in the Infinite Blue Platform, which is currently available as Beta feature.