Infinite Blue 5.6.0 Release Highlights

This section takes you on a tour through the most vital enhancements between major Platform versions. Platform is packed with general improvements, bug fixes and refinement to existing features. If you are running on Platform 5.x.x.x, you can be assured that you will be able to safely upgrade to any of the subsequent releases.

Here’s an overview of new features and enhancements added recently to improve your Platform experience which is a must-read for anyone wishing to stay updated after a new release.

1. REST API v2.0 (Beta)

REST API v2.0 represents a significant effort to improve the capabilities of the APIs, which are now fully REST Compliant and built on the latest Open API 3.0 Standard using Swagger. REST API 2.0 is now packed with an enriched set of APIs to cover more functionality. The APIs are documented with elaborated examples for a better usability and understanding.

The implementation of REST API 2.0 supports more complex products, improved performance and while adopting to the latest standards which will allow you to describe your API, including available endpoints, operation parameters and authentication methods.

For more information, see Platform REST API.

Note: This feature is in beta while we complete the set of APIs in the next release.

2. Custom Methods

Platform now supports the innovative way to expose custom business logic which can be a vital key to most applications for external integration using “Custom Methods“. A custom method enables developers to expose business logic of the application as REST End Points, and these end points can be consumed by external systems to integrate and communicate with your application.

Custom methods are equipped with authentication HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST & DELETE) while enabling the support for hosted files for sharing a common business logic across the application. Likewise, developers can use custom methods for the following:

  • Optimizing data exchange by joining multiple objects.
  • Validating app user actions in order to enforce business rules.
  • Providing a means to host platform agnostic code and save development time on multi-platform apps.

For more information, see Custom methods.

3. Postgres Database Support (Beta)

Postgres database being a powerful, open source object-relational database system and has a strong standing for its reliability, feature robustness, and performance. Infinite Blue Platform now extends its support to Postgres Database which gives you an access to its list of capabilities.

For more information, see Using Microsoft SQL or PostgreSQL Server.

4. KendoUI Library & Bootstrap version upgrades

The following table shows the versions upgrades of libraries used in Infinite Blue Platform:

LibraryPrevious versionCurrent version
Kendo UI Professional2018.2.5162019.1.220
Bootstrap RTL4.