Infinite Blue 5.5.0 Release Highlights

This section takes you on a tour through the most vital aberrations between major Infinite Blue versions. Infinite Blue delivers with a focus on stability and production operations with enhanced security updates.

Below detailed are all the main updates and improvements here, starting with the things you’ll see as a user, before moving onto the administrator improvements.

1. SAML support IDP initiated login flow

Infinite Blue equips an enhanced SAML login flow which enables the user to initiate a login either from an Identity Provider (IdP) login page or the Infinite Blue login page.

For detailed information on this feature, refer Configuring SAML/ADFS Authentication for a Tenant.

2. Global authentication with Infinite Blue Password

Infinite Blue now enables global authentication mode with Infinite Blue Password. This supports single user multi-tenant creation, updating or deleting flows, where a global user, who can access multiple roles, is authorized by a Infinite Blue Password.

For detailed information on this feature, refer Configuring Password Authentication for all tenants.

3. Miscellaneous

  1. UI Improvements: The user interface (UI) in Infinite Blue has been upgraded significantly for better flexibility with the following changes.
    1. Inline edits are now available for main picklist. The inline edit is disabled if they have any dependent picklists.
    2. Added Delete button to row actions in the Main List view.
    3. Added Detach and Delete buttons to row actions in the Related List view.
    4. Added Detach and Delete button to row actions in the Child Grid Control.
    5. Moved Delete option to More Actions dropdown button in the Record View details page.
  2. Currency support for Bangladeshi Taka (BDT): Added a new currency format – Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) is supported in Infinite Blue
  3. Inactive Session-timeout for portal users: Session timeout for portal users are now driven by the property inactiveSessionExpireMins under Service Level Configuration which is identical for regular users.
  4. RSA Jars: Infinite Blue installer no longer comprehends the following jars. Ensure these jars are made available in your Infinite Blue Tomcat lib folder which can be copied from your local OpenEdge installation directory.
    • certj.jar
    • cryptoj.jar
    • sslj.jar

Apart from the above-mentioned enhancements, Infinite Blue is apprehended with tons of relationship bug fixes, security fixes and performance improvements for importing records which are detailed in the release notes.

Bug Fixes

Case IDDescription
458984When initiated SSO from Google, the following error prompts from Rollbase login page – The SAML response does not correspond to the SAML Request ID.
482662The Currency Format ‘Other’ should, as standard, offer the format ###,###,###.##
466421Workflow actions is visible to users without View permissions.
483294Undocumented change of behavior: picklists are no longer able to set/unset the inline edit capability of a picklist field.
482740Shared property which requires server restart to take effect remains unchanged even after the server is restarted.
461853Chart by Quarter shows incorrect number of records
456495In the chart drill-down configuration of a list view, the “Group By” object record doesn’t show up properly from the second grouping onward.
460048Users are deleting main records (or pages) instead of dependency records as the grid view trashcan is hidden with the scroll.
475425The system does not permit to select a different list view when the user has an expression-based list view selected as the current view, and attempts a detail search, with an error message prompting – Cannot add filters to expression-based view.
482937Search Results page shows “Search Metadata” for search filter on a field
464213When updating a record as a user with no permission to see a related object, it wipes out that related object.
482938Values of main-link lookup fields not populated unless saved once already
478258Duplicate key constraint error when XML contains seed records and tenant multiple languages
479422Importing records from CSV takes long time.
412777Design Page Components disappears after adding view.
471244On Batch Job list page, the sort order does not  work on “Will Run At” column.
480102On previewing any Record template, an error prompts – MailTemplate with id XXXXX not found.
471135Record created through rbf_createRecord shows incorrect user if both RB user and Portal User are logged in from different tabs of same browser
483455{!id} token returning as decimals instead of integers.