Infinite Blue 5.4 Release Highlights

Infinite Blue has been updated to improve the customer experience with a brand-new lineup of features and enhancements making the application deployment even faster, more responsive and more delightful.

Here are the latest features and enhancements in the most advanced rapid application development, deployment, and management platform.

Flexible Storage

While giving the flexibility to choose the type of file storage intended by the customer, this enhancement provides facilities like improvised file storage capabilities, easy sharing, and access to files. The customers can now have their own choice of storage as Infinite Blue 5.4 supports three types of file storage i.e. Amazon S3Microsoft Azureand Infinite Blue Local Cloud Storage.

The new file storage tab in the system console streamlines the process with its tree list UI and allows the administrators to choose the preferred storage type to store data while adding multiple file storages in Infinite Blue.

This new implementation gives you a feasibility to assign any type of file storage while creating a customer and move the entire file storage to another.

For detailed information on this feature, refer File Storages.

Search Enhancements

Despite the default Lucene search engine which was ideal for low-level access to the search indexes, it did offer a great full-text search library to add search functionality to a website or other applications. Infinite Blue 5.4 now supports adding an Elastic Server as a search engine which being a very powerful aggregation and allowing search within tons of custom analytics and reports. This offers a streamlined integration, an extremely fast search and filtering especially while dealing with large datasets.

The system console now shows the new search engines tab which simplifies the usage with its tree list UI and allows the administrators to add an elastic server over to the built-in lucene search engine. On top of the new implementation, this enhancement offers you better speed, flexibility, security, and scalability while adding multiple elastic servers in Infinite Blue.

This search enhancement gives you a feasibility to assign an elastic server while creating a customer and move the search index to a new search index (within same or another search server).

For detailed information on this feature, refer Search Engines.

Relationship Enhancements

With this release, Infinite Blue has enhanced the relationships where you can create them to link objects with each other more efficiently, with optimized cache management. This enhancement greatly improves performance and execution time to manage massive amounts of data. Customers also have the option to Validate Cardinality for an existing relationship or before establishing a relationship and Clean-up invalid relationship entries from the records..

For detailed information on this feature, refer Relationship Actions.


  1. Support for Google Apps: Google Apps support had an impact with the latest announcement on Google Plus which is about to shut down. To overcome this scenario, Infinite Blue 5.4 is now reconfigured to get integrated with Google Apps. For detailed information on this update, refer Enabling Google Apps for Infinite Blue Private Cloud.
  2. JS Optimization Level: Rhino jar which executes all the JavaScript formulas from triggers, batch jobs, etc. is now upgraded. The default value for JS Optimization Level is now recommended to be reduced from 9 to -1.
  3. Hazelcast Cache Map Initialization: In hazelcast maps, few of the parameters were statically initialized via three cluster config XML files: master-cluster-config.xml, prod-cluster-config.xml, and cluster-config.xml, which were later overridden during run-time as the users encountered Out-Of-Memory (OOM) exceptions. To refrain from such exceptions in Infinite Blue 5.4, the complete initialization of hazelcast map or Set Parameters are being moved to run-time and the cluster config XML files are being modified while upgrading to 5.4. For detailed information on this update, refer Upgrading Private Cloud to Version 5.x.
  4. Data Maintenance Batch Jobs: Previously, all the records for data maintenance batch jobs used to run under a single transaction. While in Infinite Blue 5.4, the mentioned behavior was changed to have a single record against each transaction process. This determines that the connection and timeout parameters are no longer required to be drastically huge to process the entire data records by reducing it to suitable values that works per record.
  5. Support for Java 11 & Open JDK 11: To stay aligned with the latest announcement on Java 8 by Oracle, Infinite Blue 5.4 has now been tested and configured against the latest Java 11 & Open JDK 11 release while it is still compatible with Java 8. Please upgrade to Java 11 or Open JDK 11 for experiencing the productivity improvements.