Infinite Blue 5.3 Release Highlights

With latest features and enhancements to platform development capabilities, Infinite Blue 5.3 offers the advantage of vastly improving the user experience of a citizen developer.

Here’s a quick overview of the enhanced features and documentation in the Infinite Blue 5.3

Enhanced Loop Section in Custom reports

The drag-n-drop user interface of the Loop Section in Custom reports empowers the citizen developers to quickly and easily design multi-layered custom reports without the need to code. The drag-n-drop user interface comprises predefined data rendering patterns such as Table, Bullet and Number list. You can easily configure the loop section with any object or related object field(s) to design complex, multi-layered custom reports.

For detailed information of this feature, refer Custom Reports.

Record Validation on Multi-tabbed pages

Validation errors are highlighted for tabs with an error icon and is brought into focus automatically. This enables the end users to identify which field(s) on a multi-tabbed page has error(s).

For detailed information of this feature, refer Record Validation.

Related Object support for Expression Fields

The expression fields now aid an automatic evaluation of the field value on any related-object field update. This triggers the expression field update on selecting the related-object fields as configured by the admin. This offers a better command over the expression fields.

  • Apart from the automatic evaluation, an admin can also force-update the expression field value from the field definition page.
  • The expression fields are now in feature parity with formula fields. Hence, they can also be converted into formula fields and vice-versa.
  • Expression fields can also be used in the View Filters and Color Code View.

For detailed information of this feature, refer Expression Field.

SFTP Support for Batch jobs

With the new Secure FTP support, you can highly secure the file transfers by configuring batch jobs. While defining, you can also configure the batch jobs by providing the SFTP server location with credentials. Infinite Blue currently supports the following types of batch jobs with SFTP configuration:

  • FTP Data Snapshot
  • Scheduled FTP Import

Introducing new APIs for Date and Date/Time Fields

The newly introduced APIs can get the Date and Date/Time field values in specific (ISO or User) formats. This provides better administration of the returned values.

The APIs targeted to enhance the Date & Date/Time fields are listed below based on homogeneity.

  1. Support for ISO Date and Date/Time formats in Client-side AJAX API using useISODateFormat parameter in options.
    • rbf_getFields
    • rbf_getRelatedFields2
    • rbf_getPage
    • rbf_getPage2
    • rbf_getViewPage
    • rbf_selectQuery2
    • rbf_selectValue
    • rbf_selectQuery
  2. Support the ISO Date and Date/Time formats in the response of REST API requests with Shared Properties UseISODateFormatInRESTJSON and UseISODateFormatInRESTXMLQuery
    • getDataObj
    • getDataField
    • getPage
    • getRecord
    • selectQuery
    • selectValue
  3. The following are the utility methods under the Client-side AJAX API for Date and Date/Time format interconversion between User format and ISO format.
    • rbf_getDateInUserFormatFromISO
    • rbf_getDateInISOFromUserFormat
  4. The following are the utility methods under the Server-side API for Date and Date/Time format interconversion between User format and ISO format.
    • rbv_api.getDateInUserFormatFromISO
    • rbv_api.getDateInISOFromUserFormat
  5. The following are the utility methods under the Server-side API for Date and Date/Time object interconversion between JavaScript native object and Java Date objects.
    • rbv_api.toJSDate
    • rbv_api_toJava

    Note: Added other methods like rbv_api_toJS and rbv_api_getClassName which are commonly applicable to all the APIs but not specific to Date and Date/Time for native JavaScript and debugging respectively.

  6. Support for moment.js library included in the all the pages from Client-Side APIs can be invoked
  7. Support for useLegacyDateFormat in REST APIs has been discontinued.


Infinite Blue 5.3 includes the following minor enhancements in this release:

  • New Shared Property SessionInfoLogEnabled (Default value: off) to log session creation and session deletion to the servlet context log.
  • New Shared Property BootStrapVersion (Default value: 4.1.1) to act as a fallback value if no value is specified as per application level.
  • New Shared Property ShowAttachButtonForGridControl (Default value: On) to toggle the visibility of the Attach button in a grid control.
  • Optimized data translation cache and number of queries around RB_TRANSLATIONfor improved performance
  • Optimized relationship cardinality checks during app install for improved performance
  • Calculation of storage size per customer no longer includes log or backup directory size
  • New field maxSystemBackups added to the customer object definition. This value overrides instance level value for MaxSystemBackup.
  • Upgraded Bootstrap version 4.1.1 & latest Kendo versions.
  • Added support for filter options to Text Area fields.
  • Fixed sort clause to work with OESO objects.
  • Composite primary key introduced on RB_RELATIONSHIP & RB_TRANSLATION table.
  • Server API is now an admin role.