Infinite Blue 5.2 Release Highlights

While the set of new and enhanced features are designed to keep you attuned to Infinite Blue 5.2, the cool UI themes and navigational options aim at keeping you engaged with simpler and intuitive functionality.  You can also look forward for an improved meaning while performing certain administrative tasks that are essential for your business.

Creating a new role from the existing roles

This new feature enables you to quickly create a new role by selecting multiple existing roles. When a new role is created in this way, it offers the benefit of acting as a super-set of the existing roles. This enables the new role to perform multiple functions because the new role inherits pages and a union of permissions from the selected roles. The admin creating this role can do this quickly without the hassle of losing time in detailed consideration of the required attributes.

For information on how to use this feature, see Creating and editing user roles.

PDF Annotator

As the name indicates, the PDF Annotator equips you with the ability to annotate a PDF file with greater flexibility in terms of performing the following vital operations from a Grid view page, Record details page, and Record edit pages:

  • Inserting a new page at the end of the file
  • Appending pages or another PDF file at the end of the current file
  • Moving a selected page to the desired location in the file by changing the page number
  • Removing selected page(s)
  • Quickly navigating between previous /next pages
  • Highlighting text
  • Dragging or removing an added shape
  • Adding text and format it (viz., bold, italic, font size, font family, font color)
  • Adding your signature to the PDF and relocating it using the drag tool
  • Deleting the page corresponding to selected thumbnail
  • Saving the file

This feature is currently enabled only through a shared property IsPDFAnnotationEnabled=true, which is off by default.

Creating users without welcome emails

This enhancement empowers the Infinite Blue administrator to create users with specific roles and perform the required configuration for newly created users. An admin can test user configurations before sending the welcome email to the actual user. Send welcome email is available as a checkbox in Create/Edit user pages to disable/enable welcome email for the user account. Also, the mass-update option is available for the admin role, should they have the need to activate users and send the welcome email in bulk.

For more information, see Viewing and editing an object definition.

Grid Control enhancements

Grid control now offers added capabilities such as attaching existing records, option to choose to display field level help, and an edit icon for the added records.

  • Attaching records: A user can now attach a record from the Grid control on record edit and create pages. The attached record can also be updated during the attach flow.

See Revised Grid control and Using a Grid control.

    • Field-level help/tool tip: This is a new field level help setting.  When enabled, the field-level help tool tips appear in both tabular and responsive grid controls. If this setting is disabled, the UI is rendered without the tool tips.


      • This setting will be enabled in the grid control configuration only if it is enabled in the app settings.

For detailed steps, see Configuring a grid control.

  • Grid data: The Actions column now has an edit icon, which is always visible for a record. A similar change has been made for the Card view page as well.

Delightful Apps – UI Enhancements

Infinite Blue continuously strives for user interface improvements to enrich the end user experience. In this release, significant changes have been made to the Infinite Blue user interface. These changes are focused around better use of available real state, UI consistency, logical flow and grouping of links / buttons / menu and so on from a uscability perspective.

App Selector

To achieve a greater intuitiveness, the App selector is now positioned more appropriately next to the Application name similar to the Traditional Blueprint for consistency.


Page Title Menu

A new icon for the Page Title menu launcher has been added for improved consistency. Here’s the screenshot:


Overflow Menu

The Record view page overflow menu icons and style has been made consistent in line with other menu options across the Infinite Blue platform.

LDF Tree Action

The LDF tree list is now available along with the Edit and Delete action buttons instead of in a menu. Each LDF record now has an Edit icon to edit an LDF record. To delete an LDF record, the user must select the row by clicking on the record. When performing this action, the “Delete” button in the toolbar is enabled. To delete the LDF records, the user must click the delete button and confirm the delete action.

Record View Page

The Record View page has been updated in the Modern Blueprint for a greater appeal. A button toolbar is now available to update the record flag status. When an object is enabled for flagging, the user can update the flag status from the Record view page.

As shown below, the Record View page design in mobile devices has been updated for improved usability.

Card Sort Dialog

The Card sorting dialog now contains fields from both the cards and the selected view. This helps the users to apply sorting for fields that are not part of card to quickly sort the cards in the mobile devices.

Report Link

The Report link icon has been updated to make it appear consistent across the Infinite Blue pages.

Page Tool Menu

The Page Title menu has been enhanced with an option to display the relevant runtime context of the Tab. The “Object Definition” for the admin roles are moved and grouped under the Page Tool menu. The “Tab Definition” options for app developer users are moved and grouped under the Page Title menu. The Page tool menu is replaced with a simple button instead of icons.
For more information, see Viewing and editing an object definition & The Tab Options menu.

App Preview

Live Preview has been renamed as App Preview and this functionality is now available as a menu item only under the Application Switcher. App Preview popup option too has been rearranged and logically grouped.

For more information, see Using the Application Switcher and App Preview.

Font Color configuration for Charts

A new property is now available to configure the base font color of the Fusion charts. This value must be chosen based on the chart background such that the text is clearly visible on the rendered chart.

Bootstrap Version Configuration

A new property has been added to the application settings to specify the bootstrap version that needs to be used at newui runtime for an application. Administrators can change this setting from the app edit page. All the supported versions are available for selection.

  • If v3.3.7 is selected, the corresponding Bootstrap v3.3.7 CSS and JS files are loaded in the newui.
  • If v4.x is selected, the corresponding Bootstrap v4.x CSS and JS files are loaded in the newui.
  • If an app is imported from a previous version of Infinite Blue release, by default, the v4.x option is selected in the app after the import is completed.

A new property has been added to the portal settings to specify the Bootstrap version to be used at newui runtime for a portal page. Administrators can change this setting from the portal edit page. The supported bootstrap versions for portal pages are: v2.3.1, v3.3.7 & v4.0.0

  • If an existing portal had “Use Boostrap v3” checked, then to preserve that option, the newly introduced property will be set to v3.3.7.  If “Use Bootstrap v3” is unchecked, the newly introduced drop down will have v2.3.1 selected.
  • While creating a new portal, by default “v2.3.1” will be selected for the “Bootstrap Version” property.
  • This property is honored in the app import/export and CDN scenarios.