Infinite Blue 5.1 Release Highlights

Infinite Blue announces exciting new features and enhancements with its new release, that aim at delivering value and enriching the user journey. These new features propel the overall experience of the system functionality to promote greater value-add and ease of use. This section summarizes the new Infinite Blue 5.1 features with pointers to detailed information.

Support for Multiple Authentication

The new Infinite Blue 5.1, enables a single Tenant administrator to support more than one identity management system for a given application or solution and provide access to different users on that application. With this feature, your application users can now be from different identity provider(s) and have a seamless Single Sign-On experience.

Support for multiple authentication is applicable per tenant authentication only. In case of global authentication, the settings configured in the Control Panel will be considered for authentication.

Infinite Blue authenticates all roles with the default authentication profile. The default authentication profile is the existing authentication for any specific customer prior to Infinite Blue 5.1. If any of the UI or API authentication for a specific role is selected as NONE then, the users under that role will not be able to login with that specific authentication profile. Kerberos and Custom authentication profiles are available only if the master tenant configures these.

For detailed information of this feature, refer Supported Methods to Authenticate Usersand Control Panel.

Creating Multi-Layered Tabular Reports

The newly enhanced Tabular Reports help you to easily configure multi-layered reports and export the multi-levels as a flat list without the hassle of duplicating records and data.  The data export layers limit is controlled by the shared property TabularReportLayeringLimit and is applicable for export to XLS, XLSX and CSV formats.

Each level is limited to the maximum number of records as specified by the shared property MaxExportRows. Also providing export options to define export format as shown in below screenshot.

Refer Creating Tabular Reports to understand more about this functionality.

Enhanced Custom Reports

Enhancements to the existing Custom Reports functionality enables Infinite Blue engineers to design reports across multiple objects with greater options to choose for different sections within a report. This provides you with greater control and flexibility via the Point-and-Click & Drag-and-Drop approaches. Custom reports can also be record specific to generate report in the context of a record.

For detailed information about applying this functionality refer About Custom Reports.

New Built-in Parser for PDF and Word

Infinite Blue now includes a built-in parser as an alternative to Aspose PDF and DOCX. The built-in parser will remain as the default choice. Infinite Blue continues to support Aspose PDF/Word with newly introduced configurable shared properties and customer preference.

However, support has been deprecated for DOC and RTF files in document templates and reports. Already existing ones will work if you have Aspose parsers enabled but the new RTF and DOC templates cannot be uploaded.

For specific information on how to enable or configure Apache POI or Aspose, refer Working with Customer Records, and the Add/Remove Features under Shared Properties.